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Maccabee Ventures Student Analysts

We are a diverse team made up of exceptional and passionate Sy Syms School of Business of Yeshiva University student analysts. We come from a variety of backgrounds including, biology, history, economics, finance, accounting, data analytics, BIMA, entrepreneurship, marketing and more, but share the same focus of investing in talented teams and companies with huge potential.

Fall 2019 Cohort

Fall 2019 Cohort

  • B.A. Graduate (2020)

  • Major: Biology

  • Minor: Finance

  • Captain of YU Tennis Team

Happy Young Man

Ash Marcus

Ash Marcus joined Maccabee Ventures after success in a number of sectors. Their experience has been an incredible asset for us and has led us to consider some companies we might otherwise have overlooked.

Young Woman with Curly Hair

Charlie McMann

As our Analyst, Charlie McMann is a formidable member of our team. As a serial entrepreneur, Charlie McMann brings specific skills to the table, and always asks the right questions when evaluating a founding team.

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