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We invest in early-stage tech companies and build authentic, personal and meaningful relationships with our founders.

Maccabee Ventures NYC

Maccabee Ventures' raison d'etre is to act as a strategic partner for our portfolio companies.

We pride ourselves on our authentic relationships with founders, ability to access markets by 

assisting with market penetration and traction, and with our multidisciplinary background,

provide advice and counsel.

Our Competitive Advantages 

Seasoned GPs

Two seasoned investment professionals with extensive networks who are viewed as subject matter experts by the industry.

Strategic Investors

Relationships as a competitive advantage.

Maccabee Ventures views itself as a strategic partner providing founders with meaningful introductions and partnering with them in growing, expanding and scaling their businesses.

Access to Yeshiva University

Portfolio companies gain access to an army of highly motivated, multi-disciplinary faculty and students across YU’s diverse schools with programs in computer and data science, BIMA, entrepreneurship, marketing, technology, law and medicine.

Global Alumni Network

With 70,000+ YU alumni, Maccabee Ventures provides portfolio companies with access to a global network of industry leaders with a vast amount of business expertise in management, consulting, investment banking, venture capital, medicine, legal and more.

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