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Our Investment Thesis & Ethos

Maccabee Ventures was founded with the ethos of “doing well by doing good” and a deep generosity of spirit. Anyone who invests in a company, who “sits around the table,” must understand and commit to rolling up their sleeves and “working for” the portfolio company. We view ourselves as a strategic partner committed to supporting founders and growing companies. 

Yeshiva University

About Us

Founded in 2019 by two Yeshiva University alumni, Maccabee Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm associated with, but independent and separate from, Yeshiva University (YU), that leverages the 70,000+ YU alumni while providing an unparalleled learning experience for YU students.

Maccabee: Noun \mak-uh-bee\

Strong. Fighter. Hammer.


Maccabee Ventures derives its name and vision from the ancient priestly family of Judah Maccabee and his four brothers, who despite overwhelming odds, emerged victorious against a much larger, better equipped enemy. Their values, passion and idealism enabled them, the few, to defeat the many, dispelling the darkness and bringing light, might, and creativity to the world. 

Maccabee Ventures champions entrepreneurs supporting their novel ideas and methods, often facing long odds, but determined to succeed.


Maccabee Ventures values, imbues, and expects a generosity of spirit in all that we do and with whom we do it.

Leveraging Our Network

Maccabee Ventures has cultivated relationships with top-tier venture capital firms and captains of industries, helping our portfolio companies access the financial resources and relationships necessary to execute their business strategies and create winning companies.


In addition, portfolio companies can capitalize on the Maccabee Ventures ecosystem by utilizing and collaborating with Yeshiva University’s diverse entrepreneurial, business, and academic assets. A Maccabee Ventures investment provides portfolio companies with access to Yeshiva University and its global alumni network of industry leaders.

YU ecosystem

Cultivating the Next Generation of

Venture Capitalists and Technologists

Maccabee Ventures strongly believes in educating and mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs, financial and technical leaders. 


As such, Maccabee Ventures has created a dynamic partnership with the Sy Syms School of Business of Yeshiva University that combines academics, practical coursework, internship/apprenticeship experience into a simulated work environment for the benefit of Yeshiva University students. Students matriculate through an introductory course, Angel and VC Investing, which explores the fundamentals of angel and venture capital investing – from sourcing deals, opportunity evaluation, company analyses to deal structure, follow on and exit. Subsequently, students have the opportunity to enter the Fund Formation, Management and Administration course in which they serve as Maccabee Ventures student analysts, conducting deal sourcing, due diligence and providing investment recommendations for the Fund. Student analysts gain valuable experience through their immersions and directed studies, typically focused on entrepreneurship, startup strategy, and venture capital. As a result, Maccabee Ventures portfolio companies gain a competitive advantage from talented students, while Sy Syms School of Business of Yeshiva University students realize a superior academic experience.

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